Tuesday, 12 March 2013

PIA News Dispatch - Tuesday, March 12, 2013

President Aquino vows to develop country’s coconut industry; rolls out infrastructure and irrigation projects in Quezon province

CATANAUAN, Quezon) President Benigno S. Aquino III vowed to further develop the country’s coconut industry now that it has become one of our best economic assets given the great demand by other countries of its various byproducts.

In his speech during his meeting with local leaders and the community here Monday, President Aquino said his administration will continue to look for more economic opportunities for the province of Quezon especially on its thriving coconut industry.

“Kung dati sadyang binabalewala ang potensyal ng inyong probinsya, ngayon talagang binibigyang-lakas natin ang inyong mga industriya upang ang bawat taga-Quezon ay kayang makamit anuman ang kanyang mga pangarap sa buhay,” he said.

Prior to his visit in Catanauan Central Elementary School where Team PNoy also held one of its campaign sorties in Quezon Province, President Aquino toured a coconut water plantation operated by Peter Paul Philippine Corporation’s (PPPC) in Candelaria.

According to the President, PPPC at present does not only provide jobs for more than 2,000 people but also gives tremendous support to the livelihood of about 2,500 coconut farmers which only underscores the great economic potential behind the coconut industry.

President Aquino noted that in 2009, only 484,000 liters were being exported by our country whereas, in 2010, it increased to as much 1.81 million liters and was even pegged at 16 million liters as of 2011.

“Ano po ang naging susi dito? Pinag-aralan natin kung ano ang lakas ng inyong lalawigan at wala tayong sinayang na panahon upang ang pakinabang ng industriya ng pagniniyog ay umabot sa mga taga-Quezon,” the President added.

President Aquino also mentioned that the demand was also great for coco coir fiber especially from countries like Japan, China, Germany, and the United States, among others, since it is now being used to prevent soil erosion.

“Tayo na po mismo ang naubusan ng coco coir. Baka gusto niyo hong paramihin pa ang ating puno ng niyog para matakpan ang kakulangan nito. Hudyat po itong dapat pa talaga nating palaguin ang ating industriya ng niyog,” President Aquino said.

President Aquino also rolled out several infrastructure and irrigation projects in Quezon including an 82-million peso budget already earmarked to supply water for some 1,100 hectares of rice fields in the towns of Burdeos, Polillo, Infanta, Tiaong, Pagbilao, Tayabas, Mauban, Perez, San Francisco, Ginayangan, and Lucena.

The President told the residents of Quezon Province that the almost P15-billion saved by the Department of Public Works and Highways from its budget will be used to fund more road projects in their locality.

These include the eight-kilometer Lucena diversion Talao-Talao port road project, the 16 farm-to-market road projects in Calauag, Gumaca, and Tagkawayan, and the 60-kilometer South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) extension project from Batangas to Lucena, that aim to cut travel time for motorists, tourists, and delivery of goods.

President Aquino, however, said that the SLEX extension project will take up to 2019 for it to be completed. “Turista na po ako pagdating ng panahon na ‘yan. Pero dahil halos lahat po ng biyahe kong sa kalsada dumaan patungo ng Quezon ay napakahaba, talaga hong nanamnamin ko ang biyahe sa SLEX na ‘yan,” he stressed.

“Lahat po ng ito ay alay natin sa buong lalawigan ng Quezon. Patunay ang mga ito na ang linyang “kung walang kurap, walang mahirap” ay hindi lamang salita kundi may kaakibat na gawa,” the President concluded. PND (hdc)

President Aquino opens Philippine Investment Forum 2013

President Benigno S. Aquino III invited potential investors to consider expanding their respective businesses in the Philippines saying the country is now in a better position to offer more and readily meet their requirements in order for their investments to prosper.

The President offered his invitation during his speech formally opening the Philippine Investment Forum 2013 held at the Peninsula Manila in Makati City on Tuesday.

He pointed out that potential investors could partner with the government in investing in three priority sectors: agriculture, which is the source of income for some 12.1-million Filipinos; tourism, which expects some 56-million visitors by 2016; and infrastructure, which will support agriculture and tourism through the development of road networks, ports, and airports that will ensure the safety and efficient passage of tourists and goods all over the country.

“At the end of the day, we are inviting you to come to the Philippines whether in these three sectors, or in others, because we know that, here, hard work, innovation, and creativity are rewarded with success,” the President said.

“This is not an empty promise --- you will have the Filipino people and our administration as committed partners” he added.

The President noted that since he assumed Office in 2010, he had spent the last two years and eight months on weeding out graft and corruption in order to provide a level playing field for all as well as to “ensure that integrity, transparency, and accountability characterize our actions.”

“Over the past years, we have been doing everything we can to level the playing field—from reforming the judiciary, to streamlining the process of setting up business in the Philippines, to following the proper bidding and procurement processes. We are also investing heavily in our countrymen—empowering them to take stock of their lives and to realize their potential,” the President said.

Joining the President were Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima and Euromoney Institutional Investor Asia CEO Tony Shale.

The Philippine Investment Forum 2013 brings together policymakers, business leaders, economists and key overseas investors in painting an overview of the Philippine economy including analysis into all its key sectors. PND (rck)

President Aquino pitches Filipino labor to potential investors

President Benigno S. Aquino III highlighted to potential investors the creativity, dedication, and loyalty of Filipino labor, saying these are the characteristics that firms want in their work force.

In his speech keynoting the opening rites of the Philippine Investment Forum 2013 held at the Peninsula Manila on Tuesday, the President cited the business process outsourcing industry in which the Filipino has excelled and has brought “to great heights in such a short time.”

“Given the opportunity, they will do the same for you, whatever industry you may be involved in,” the President said.

He also called on potential investors to partner with the government in expanding their businesses in the country.

“The investments that you will bring into our country will redound to tens of thousands of jobs for our countrymen—men and women who will be able to put food on their tables, send their children to school, and meet the needs and wants of their families,” the President said.

“Together, we will be empowering them: giving them greater power to contribute to economic growth and opportunities to uplift their lives and even the lives of their fellow Filipinos. All together, we will be building the success of the industry, the Philippines and the Filipino people,” he added.

“Even if you have come here only with a mind to invest in the Philippines and ride on the resurgence of our economy—with your decision to bet on our country, you will be doing so much more --- you will be giving thousands of Filipinos gainful employment that will empower them as consumers —thus spurring the growth of both your businesses and the Philippines. And we hope you will take this chance and join us on the straight path to progress,” the President said. PND (rck)

President Aquino encourages all government agencies and instrumentalities to support and participate in ‘KABISIG Philippine Government Expo and Trade Fair 2013’

President Benigno S. Aquino III encouraged all government agencies and instrumentalities to extend their support and participate in the “KABISIG Philippine Government Expo and Trade Fair 2013.

The directive was issued by virtue of Memorandum Circular No. 45 signed by Executive Secretary Paquito N. Ochoa Jr. on February 22.

The KABISIG People’s Movement (KABISIG) Program was created by virtue of Proclamation No. 650 (s. 1990) in order to facilitate, coordinate and monitor the implementation of government programs and projects, as well as to provide linkages between and among the private sector groups and the government agencies.

In pursuit of the mandate, KABISIG is conducting the “KABISIG Philippine Government Expo and Trade Fair 2013 which has for its theme “Kaalaman ng Mamamayan: Kabalikat sa Matuwid na Daan.”

The project aims to bring together in one venue all government agencies and instrumentalities, including Government-Owned or Controlled Corporations (GOCCs) and Local Government Units (LGUs), to feature their profiles, service facilities, programs, projects, products and accomplishments. It is also an opportunity that will allow the government to promote public awareness and participation in national development.

"In this regard, all heads of departments, agencies and instrumentalities of the national government, including GOCCs and LGUs, are hereby encouraged to extend support and participate in the said expo and trade fair, subject to the availability of funds and usual accounting and auditing rules," the President said.

The Memorandum Circular shall take effect immediately. PND (js)