Tuesday, 15 January 2013

PIA News Dispatch - Monday, January 14, 2013

Government mulls hosting all government websites

A proposal to have government host all government websites is being studied by Malacañang in order to prevent hackers from gaining control and defacing these portals in the future, Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said on Monday.

In a briefing, Lacierda said that by “migrating” or moving all government websites to the government host will ensure their safety from hackers as the government domain, which is managed by the Department of Science and Technology, is less prone to hacking.

“Those (websites) that are hosted by DOST are secure; for instance (the) PCDSPO (Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office) and the OG (Official Gazette), they are hosted by the government and as much as the hackers have attempted to attack the OG (website), it has never been defaced,” Lacierda said.

“Some government websites are hosted by private entities and there has been a suggestion to move or migrate their hosting to government so that’s being studied right now,” he added.

Six government websites (http://pro8.pnp.gov.ph/, http://mambulao.gov.ph/, http://www.cpa.gov.ph/, http://mmda.gov.ph/, http://nfa.gov.ph/, http://www.nmp.gov.ph/) were recently broken into by hackers to press their sentiments against the Anti-Cyber Crime Act of 2012 which President Benigno S. Aquino signed into law last September. PND (rck)

Malacañang says Heritage Foundation’s 2013 Index of Economic Freedom placing the Philippines as one of the world’s 'freest economies' shows country’s improvement in governance

The Heritage Foundation’s 2013 Index of Economic Freedom placing the Philippines as one of the world's 100 freest economies shows the continued improvement in the business of governing our country, a Palace official said.

Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda issued the statement during the regular press briefing in Malacanang on Monday following the release of the 2013 Index of Economic Freedom by the Heritage Foundation, a Washington-based think tank.

"We are encouraged with the country’s improvement in the Heritage Foundation’s 2013 Index of Economic Freedom. The Philippines jumped ten notches in ranking, making our economy the 97th freest in the world with an Economic Freedom Score of 58.2 in contrast to last year’s ranking of 107th and a score of 57.1," Lacierda said.

"Among Southeast Asian nations, the Philippines recorded the highest score improvement of 1.1 points, a trend of continuous growth over the past two years, bringing our country even closer to the world average score of 59.6 and above the Asia-Pacific regional average of 57.4," he said.

The Heritage Foundation said the country had “notable improvements” in investment freedom and anti-corruption measures.

Moreover, the think-tank based in Washington D.C. highlighted the “high degree of resilience” of the Philippine economy which is on a “steady path of economic expansion” despite the global economic slowdown.

"Legislative reforms pursued by the Aquino administration were also noted which are seen to “enhance the entrepreneurial environment and develop a stronger private sector to generate broader-based job growth," Lacierda noted.

"This prominent international evaluation shows continued improvement in the business of governing our country. We take this as an affirmation of the goals we have set out to achieve and a recognition of how far we have gone to realize the potentials of our people and country," he said. PND (js)

President Aquino greets Tarlaquenos celebrating 2nd Melting Pot Festival

President Benigno S. Aquino III extended his greeting on Monday to the people of the city of Tarlac who are celebrating the 2nd Melting Pot Festival.

"I join my fellow Tarlaqueños as we celebrate our history through this festival. Blessed with its considerable natural heritage, Tarlac attracted thousands of migrants during its formation as a community, giving rise to a locale with varied and distinctive cultures," the Chief Executive said.

"This diversity has been your source of strength, and with your collective skills you ensure the dynamism and resilience of our city and province," the President said.

President Aquino hopes that the celebration of the 2nd Melting Pot Festival will inspire fellow Tarlaqueños to reach greater heights and secure lasting stability and equitable prosperity.

"Always demonstrate your passion and industry as you uphold your pride as Tarlaqueños and as Filipinos," he said.

The Melting Pot Festival is a multicultural celebration incorporating many different ethnic cultures. PND (js)

President Aquino urges Criminal Investigation and Detection Group to remain committed to quest for truth and justice

President Benigno S. Aquino III called on the Philippine National Police - Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (PNP-CIDG) to remain committed to the quest for truth and justice and to securing the rule of law.

"Maintaining peace and order is a vital aspect of our task of nation-building: A safe, secure society guarantees its citizens the freedom to pursue activities that is essential to their personal development and that leads to our collective success," the Chief Executive said in his message to the CIDG in commemoration of its 60th Founding Anniversary.

The President said the CIDG, as the investigative arm of the PNP, performs a critical function towards the realization of the national aspirations.

He stressed that the "CIDG's specialized skills and training are crucial to solving crimes and ensuring those who endanger lives are made accountable before the law."

"May you be steadfast in building on your accomplishments in the past six decades. This anniversary is a proud reaffirmation of your duties as CIDG personnel. Demonstrate passion, integrity, and excellence in your work, that we may maintain a peaceful and progressive country we can truly call home. I wish you a happy and meaningful anniversary," the President said. PND (js)